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1. There is pressure on the British Government to ____ the number of immigrants permitted to settle in the U.K.

A) confine B) decrease

C) restrain D) limit

2. The tourist is prevented from entering a country if he doesn’t have ______ passport.

A) an operative B) a valid

C) an effective D) an efficient

3. According to the psychoanalyst Signumd Freud, wisdom comes from the ____ of maturity.

A) achievement B) accomplishment

C) fulfilment D) establishment

4. The board of the company has decided to ____ its trade to all parts of the world.

A) enlarge B) expand

C) stretch D) extend

5.Accuracy and preciseness are vital in academic ____.

A) circus B) cycles

C) circles D) circuits

6.In many societies, a person who fails to conform to conventional behavior is likely to be ____ by others.

A) avoided B) neglected

C) retreated D) ignored

7. We are now living in an age where every mind feels the ____ of the new ideas.

A) impact B) impulse

C) impression D) shock

8. John’s news report covering the conference was so ____ that nothing had been omitted.

A) concrete B) integrated

C) comprehensive D) abstract

9. I thought you might be interested to hear about a ____ phenomenon which I had observed. It was really peculiar.

A) revealed B) brilliant

C) scarce D) curious

10. I hope Mrs. Smith will take my recent illness into ____ when judging my examination.

A) account B) regard

C) count D) observation

11. The lawyer asked the witness to ______ the facts just as he remembered them.

A) setting down B) setting out

C) putting across D) putting away

12. ____ of money prevented us from finishing the research work this year.

A) Expense B) Lack

C) Limit D) Short

13. Tall-growing crops should be planted where they will not shade or ____ with the growth of smaller crops.

A) interrupt B) interfere

C) disturb D) distract

14. The farmers are more anxious for rain than the people in the city because they have more at ____.

A) danger B) stake

C) loss D) threat

15. The famers in the mountain area bring their ______ to town early each Saturday morning.

A) products B) output

C) manufactures D) produce

16. The lady was detained by the police at the airport because his passport was found to be ____.

A) an artificial one B) an unnatural one

C) an untrue one D) a false one

17. The ____ of the book, with the text on the left and the notes on the right, makes pleasant reading.

A) layout B) system

C) pattern D) style

18. In the long-distance race, Marvin took the lead , and ______ it till the end of the race..

A) obtained B) maintained

C) persisted in D) insisted on

19. Experts say walking is one of the best ways for a person to ______ healthy.

A) preserve B) stay

C) maintain D) reserve

20. It is natural for young people to be critical of their parents ____.#p#分页标题#e#

A) at a time B) between time

C) at times D) at the time

1. 答案为D。除decrease(减少)外,其它三词都有限制之含义,但重点不同。limit,限制在某个范围内,常和数字连用,表示限制人/物的数目。limit the number of immigrants(限制移民人数)合题意。confine主要用于限制活动,后常跟to。例:A cold confined him to the house.感冒迫使他呆在屋内。restrain重点在抑制,约束;后常跟from。例:You must restrain children from doing mischief.

2. 答案为B。valid是法律上有效的,合同或票证等有法律效力的。efficient指某人有效率的,某物有效用的。effective指某物产生理想效果的、奏效的。operative指某物(东西)生效的;开始运转的。

3. 答案为A。achievement(达到,完成)合题意。the achievement of one’s goal(目标的实现); accomplishment完成(任务);fulfillment完成;establishment建成。

4. 答案为B。expand常用于扩大再生产,扩大事业,或发展,壮大;enlarge常用于扩大,扩展思想,胸襟;extend重点在延伸,用于扩大影响、知识面等。例:Reading can enlarge our views.读书能扩大人的视野。This country extended its power and influence into neighboring countries.这个国家将其势力和影响扩展到邻国。这里是扩大(发展)贸易,要求用expand。

5. 答案为C。circle(具有共同兴趣或利益的人们所形成的)圈子,集团。如:文化,学术,戏剧,商界(cultural, academic, theatrical, business circles), circus马戏团;cycle周期;circuit线路。

6. 答案为A。avoid回避,躲开;neglect疏忽,玩忽;retreat撤退,退却;ignore忽视,不理,故A符合句意。

7. 答案为A。impact:冲击,(尤其指思想,感情,制度等震撼,冲击);句子译文:我们生活在这一时代,每个人(的思想)都受新思想的冲击。impulse(内心)冲动,推进力;(冲撞、爆炸的)冲击、震动,(精神上的)打击,震惊。

8. 答案为C。comprehensive(全面的)和nothing had been omitted相照应,合题意。句子译文:约翰有关会议的新闻报道是那么全面,没有什么遗漏的。concrete具体的,有形的;integrated合为一体的,完整的;abstract抽象的,难懂的。

9. 答案为D。句末的peculiar一词“特殊的,奇特的”提供了选项线索,只有怪(curious)现象,才是特殊的(奇特的)。brilliant光辉灿烂的,辉煌的;scarce缺乏的,珍奇的。

10. 答案为A。to take sth. into account是固定搭配:把…考虑在内,故A符合句意。

11. 答案为A。set down写下,记下;set out出发,宣布;put across解释清楚;put away放开,抛弃。

12. 答案为B。lack of (money)和short of (money)都是缺乏,短缺,short of是形容词短语不能作主语。例:Short of tools, we made our own.缺少工具,我们自己造。Lack of是名词短语,可作主语。例:Lack of a fire on the house made him cold.

13. 答案为B。这四个词只有interfere和with搭配:打扰,干扰,影响。其它三词都是及物动词,interrupt打断,打扰;disturb打扰;distract分心。

14. 答案为B。at stake固定搭配,意为“濒临危现”。句子译文:农民比城里人更渴望下雨,因为这和他们的切身利害更有关系。其它三个词,都不能和at搭配。

15. 答案为D。这四个词都有“产品,制品”之义,produce指农(作物)产品;product指人工制品;成果,产物;manufacture指工业制品,生产;output重点指产量,工业产品。

46. 答案为D。A,C,D选项都有“假的”含义,但内涵不一样。false的反义词是real,真和假之对立;artificial的反义词是natural,人工和天然之对立;untrue的反义词是true,真实和不真实之对立。句子译文:这人在机场为警方所扣留,因发现她的护照是假的(伪造的)。#p#分页标题#e#

17. 答案为A。layout布局,设计,规划,版面编排;system体系;pattern图案;style风格,故A符合句意要求。

18. 答案为B。maintain维持,保持;maintain the lead保持领先地位;persist in doing sth坚持做某事;insist on …坚诀要求,坚持。

19. 答案为B。四各选择项中除stay之外,都是及物动词,后面要带宾语。stay可作系动词,stay healthy保持健康。preserve保存,保护,维持;reserve保留,延缓。

20. 答案为C。at times 有时,偶尔;at a time每次,一次;没有between time的搭配,只有between times时时,偶尔;at the time不是固定搭配,意思是“在那时”。



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