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1. There was a short______ after the second act of the play.

A) gap B) pause

C) break D) interval

2. The city government has planned to ______ the two islands with a bridge.

A) connect B) contact

C) combine D) unite

3. I can’t advise you what to do; you must use your own ______.

A) opinion B) justice

C) thought D) judgement

4. By that time, Li siguang had already risen to ______ in the geographical circle in the world..

A) elevation B) prominence

C) phenomenon D) significance

5. The fundamental ______, which govern all physical processes, are also related to many everyday occurrences.

A) rules B) regulations

C) principals D) principles

6. Negotiations about fixing the ______ between the two countries are still going on.

A) border B) boundary

C) edge D) frontier

7. It is difficult to express it in ______ of science.

A) words B) terms

C) expressions D) vocabulary

8. It is said that great men often have great ______.

A) errors B) mistakes

C) faults D) flaws

9. His wife earns a high ______ as an account.

A) salaries B) wages

C) incomes D) savings

10. Some famous experts and engineers have been called in to plan ______ for boating , tennis, refreshments and children’s games in the projected town park.

A) equipment B) instruments

C) implement D) facilities

11. Canadians use their cars for nearly 90 per cent of all personal ______.

A) trips B) voyage

C) travels D) journey

12. Would you mind repeating what you said, I didn’t quite ______.

A) catch at B) catch on

C) catch up D ) catch out

13. It gave me a strange feeling of excitement to see my name ______.

A) in print B) in press

C) for publication D) out of the newspaper

14. To my great delight, I read in your February ______the letter to the Editor written by my uncle.

A) issue B) copy

C) magazine D) printing

15. It is said that old people do not like having their daily ______ upset.

A) custom B) habit

C) routine D) practice

16. Anyone who has spent time with children is aware of the difference in the way boys and girls respond to ______ situations.

A) similar B) same

C) alike D) likely

17. Though Mr. Ker is not a professional writer, he has became an ______ member of the Writers’ Association.

A) honor B) honored

C) honorary D) honorable

18. It is absolutely ______ that our team will win the game.

A) exact B) sure

C) right D) certain

19. The beauty of the mountain is more than I can describe. I’m sure whoever sees it will ______ its charm.

A) yield to B) appeal to

C) stick to D) draw to

20. The new secretary has written a remarkable ______ report in a few pages but with all the details.

A) concise B) clear

C) exact D) precise


1. 答案为D。interval 的词义较广,可指空间也可指时间上的“间隔”,还可专门用来表示戏剧两幕间或音乐会上下半场之间的休息;break 意为“停下来,间歇或休息”一般指为了休息提神或娱乐的工间休息或两节课之间的休息。

2. 答案为A。connect… with … 把…与…连接起来;contact与…取得联系;combine… with…使…合并,使联合。故A符合题意。

3. 答案为D。use one’s judgement运用判断力,符合句意。

4. 答案为B。prominence突起,突出,rise to prominence显露头角,出名;evaluation评价,估量;phenomenon现象;signifiance意义,含义。

5. 答案为D。principle = general law of cause and effect 原理,自然法则;rule意为控制团体或个人的行为、行动的规章或条例。regulation意为管理或控制某系统或组织的规则。

6. 答案为B。A,B,D均可作边界讲,但有所不同。boundary常指自然条件,国与国间的正式分界线; border原意是“较宽的边缘”,多指两国或两地之间的分界处附近的地区,及边境地区;frontier多指属于本国一侧的边缘地区;edge指很窄的边缘,如刀刃或沿边的一小部分地区。

7. 答案为B。in terms of science意思是“用科学的术语”,in terms of为固定介词短语。

8. 答案为C。fault指过失,缺点。mistake指由于缺乏知识造成的判断错误。error 指由于缺乏技巧而造成的错误。flaw指瑕疵,缺陷。

9. 答案为A。wage指短期的工钱,多用复数;salary指按年或月付给白领的月薪或年薪;income是指收入。

10. 答案为D。facilities指较大的设施,设备,多用复数;equipment指为了生产,工作,研究所需要的设备和装备,一般不用复数;instrument指各种量具,乐器,意为“工具,仪器”;implement多指用于农业,园艺业等方面的工具。

11. 答案为A。trip多指短途的观光旅行; travel多指长途的旅行;journey是长距离的陆路旅行;voyage指水路和飞行;故A符合题意要求。

12. 答案为B。catch on理解,明白;catch at设法抓住;catch up赶上

13. 答案为A。in print 意为“已出版,已印好”。to see one’s name in print 意为“看到自己的文章或书出版”。

14. 答案为A。issue意为“(报刊)刊物”;the latest issue of a magazine 最新一期杂志

15. 答案为C。daily routine意为“日常工作,日常生活规律”,符合句意。

16. 答案为A。similar“相似的,类似的”,可作定语;alike“相同的,相象的”,常作表语,不作定语;same“相同的”多与定冠词连用。

17. 答案为C。honorary意为“荣誉的,名誉的”;honored“受到尊敬的”;honorable“光荣的,可尊敬的”;故C符合句意。

18. 答案为D。certain意为“必然的,有把握的”时,只作表语;sure“确信的”不可用于it is certain that… 这种句型中。

19. 答案为A。yield to屈服于, yield to its charm为山的美丽而倾倒;诉诸(武力、舆论),投合说好;坚守(规则、诺言),不舍弃。

20. 答案为A。concise意为(话、文章等)简洁的, 简明的;exact 严密的,精确的,exact investigation严密的调查;precise意为准确的,精密的,precious calculation 精确的计算。



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