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最新成考新闻: 2021年吉林建筑大学成人高考函授招生简章 2021年通化师范学院成人高考函授招生简章
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1. Every day thousands of ______ fly the Atlantic for negotiations with American firms.

A) merchants B) dealers

C) businessman D) tradesmen

2. He ______ spends his holidays in the mountains though occasionally he goes to the seaside instead.

A) usually B) invariably

C) rarely D) always

3. Before you ______ down other people, it is as well to consider your own faults.

A) turn B) bring

C) run D) send

4. Though it was only a ______fever, the doctor gave me an injection.

A) mild B) small

C) weak D) faint

5. This was one of many horrible crimes they ______ against Chinese people.

A) make B) perform

C) commit D) achieve

6. As a result of the radio ______ for help for those who lost their homes in the earthquake, over a million pounds has been raised.

A) appeal B) call

C) program D) demand

7. An ambulance must have priority as it usually has to deal with some kind of ______.

A) urgency B) danger

C) crisis D) emergency

8. The brain needs a ______ supply of blood.

A) continual B) constant

C) continuous D) lasted

9.The explorer ____ all the way to the source of the river by boat.

A) drove B) rode

C) travelled D) followed

10. Remember not to ______ your stomach by eating too much rich food.

A) hurt B) destroy

C) harm D) upset

11. The kindergarten is half empty as a serious epidemic of measles has broken ______.

A) up B) out

C) in D) down

12. To our amazement, both his health and his business ______ within a year.

A) fell B) sank

C) dropped D) collapsed

13. The old couple were ______ to hear that their son had been sentenced innocent.

A) relieved B) relaxed

C) released D) relayed

14. Tom failed in the physics exam, it ______ him right because he had not studied for the semester.

A) served B) taught

C) got D) put

15. The country is well-known for its impressive mountainous ______ .

A) views B) scenes

C) scenery D) nature

16.The _______ in which a child grows up may have an effect on his development.

A) condition B) atmosphere

C) surroundings D) environments

17. These figures can not be ______ with the results obtained in previous experiments.

A) constant B) consistent

C) conventional D) convenient

18. It is frightening to think that the cruel murderer is still ______.

A) as follows B) in place

C) at intervals D) at large

19. As the cloud is drifted away, an even higher peak became ______ to the climbers.

A) in sight B) visible

C) obvious D) clear

20. They were required to ______ the house to the way it might have looked on the 1930s.

A) repaired B) built

C) recovered D) restored

21.The rise in the price of raw material will _____ the market.

A) affect B) effect

C) confirm D) depress

22. A historical novel is a form of ______, which may include many facts.

A) legend B) tale

C) myth D) fiction

23. All of us had been exhausted but felt considerably ______ after a meal and a rest.

A) relieved B) refreshed

C) recreated D) renewed

24. It is really impolite to ______ when someone is speaking to you on the phone.#p#分页标题#e#

A) hold up B) give up

C) hang up D) hang on

25. I was sorry to see that you were ______ me as if I had been a criminal.

A) regarding B) tre

C) thinking D) considering

26. Since many students like to fin an apartment near the University, there are very few _____ apartments in the area.

A) free B) empty

C) bare D) vacant

27. The invention of the train enabled many more people to travel ______.

A) independently B) freely

C) readily D) free

28. Our compass and maps proved ______ to us in the walking tours.

A) valuable B) worth

C) profitable D) valueless

29. As one of the four ______ of the company he often had to attend important policy meetings.

A) directors B) bosses

C) presidents D) governors

30. Under the Constitution, government can not interfere ______ the private lives of citizens.

A) in B) into

C) with D) of


1. 答案为C。businessman 广义上的商人,生意人;merchant 现多用来指批发商人;dealer 泛指买进卖出的商人或贩子;tradesman 零售商,推销员。

2. 答案为A。usually意为通常,平常;允许有例外且和occasionally相应;而invariably 和always 则含有毫无例外和一成不变的意思。

3. 答案为C。run down 意为“说…坏话,贬低”;turn down翻下(衣领),调小(煤气),关小(收音机);bring down搬下,击落,使下跌。

4. 答案为A。a mild fever轻微低烧,符合题意。B、C、D不和fever搭配。

5. 答案为C。commit crimes犯罪等,是固定搭配,且符合题意要求。

6. 答案为A。appeal 作呼吁解,appeal to sb for sth 意为向某人提出呼吁,希望得到什么。program节目表,程序表,教学课程;demand需要,要求,只有A符合句意要求。

7. 答案为D。emergency紧急事件,突然发生的事件;urgency紧急,迫切;crisis危急,难关,可以看出D符合句意。

8. 答案为C。continuous 连续不断的,无间断的;continual 指连续中有间断;constant经常的,稳定的;故C符合题意。

9.答案为C。travel by boat乘船旅行;drive驾驶;ride骑(马等),乘(车等),故C符合句子结构。

10. 答案为D。upset one’s stomach使…不舒服,是固定表达法。hurt指精神上或肉体上的伤害,有较强的疼痛意味;harm 指精神或肉体上痛苦,但程度较轻。毁灭,破坏,对某事物进行剧烈性破坏,也可用于抽象东西,如,制度、计划、名誉、挈约等。

11. 答案为B。break out(疾病,战争,火灾等)突然发生或爆发”;break up 打碎,分解;break in 闯入,插嘴;break down 坍蹋,出故障或(身心)跨了。

12. 答案为D。collapse崩塌,垮台;身体垮掉;fall 表示任何下落的动作;而drop 则常用来指液体“滴下”;sink意为“下沉”,“沉落”,一般指沉落于水,沙或地平面以下,含有缓慢逐渐下落的意思。

13. 答案为A。relieve减轻痛苦,使放心;release解开,发行;relay 转播,转达,故A符合句意。

14. 答案为A。serve sb right 罪有应得;get… right把…弄对,弄好;put…right治好(疾病),修好故障;故A符合句意要求。

15. 答案为C。scenery 指一国一地总的自然风光,是集和名词,没有复数也不用冠词。view是作“景色”解的一般用词,指眼前看到的景色,尤指从高处看到的景色;scene和view 的意思相近,但用途较窄,常指某些特别的景象,如泰山日出等,也可指舞台上的场面或盛大活动的场面。

16. 答案为C。surroundings常用作复数,指自然或周围的环境;atmosphere气氛,周围的状态;environment只能作单数,可指自然环境和社会环境。#p#分页标题#e#

17. 答案为B。consistent … with …与…保持一致,符合句子结构要求。constant, conventional, convenient不和with搭配使用。

18. 答案为D。at large逍遥法外的;as follows如下文的;at intervals时时,相隔一定距离;故A符合句意。

19. 答案为B。visible 和in sight都可以表示“看得见”,“在视觉范围内”的意思,但要表示“在(进入)某人的视觉范围内”,要说be ( come) in one’s sight, 而不说become in sight to sb.;obvious 显而易见的,主要指问题明白,不难理解。

20. 答案为D。restore使恢复原来的状况,其用法结构为restore+名词to+名词;repair 修理,修缮;recover挽回,痊愈;故D符合句意和结构的要求。

21. 答案为A。affect“对…影响”;effect“效果,作用”;confirm“证实…,确定…”;depress“使…沮丧”。

22. 答案为D。fiction小说;legend传奇;tale故事,传说;myth神话,虚构的故事; 故D符合句意。

23. 答案为B。refresh 指以食物,饮料,休息等“使精神爽快”或“使获得新的力量”。而recreate 则以游乐,运动等“使恢复精力”。relieve 意为“释去负担”,“使放心”,“解除痛苦”;renew 意为“更新”,“使复活”。

24. 答案为C。 hang up挂断电话;hold up举起;使延误;抢劫;hang on 抓住,坚持不放,不挂电话;故C符合题意。

25. 答案为B。treat 和regard 都有“视作”,“认为”的意思。treat 除了这一层意思之外,还有“对待”,“看待”的意思。regard有时也作”对待”, “看待”讲,实际上指心里如何看待或对待的意思。另外regard 和consider作”认为”解时,不能用进行时态。

26. 答案为D。vacant“指(房间、席位、土地等)空着的,无人占用的”;bare“赤裸的,没有…的”,例如:a bare floor, a bare mountain . empty“空的;(房子、交通工具里)无人的;(语言)空虚的”;

27. 答案为B。freely自由地,随心所欲或畅通无阻地;independently独立地;readily乐意地,容易地;故B符合句意。

28. 答案为A。valuable “有价值的”,”宝贵的”,”有用的”;profitable意为”有益的”,”有利可图的”; valueless“ 物价值的,无用的”。

29. 答案为A. director 指公司董事会的“董事”或“理事”;boss 意为“老板”,“工头”;controller 意为“会计长”,“管理员”;governor 指学校,医院或银行里的“主管人员”,“总裁”。

30. 答案为A。interfere in 干涉,干预,意味着插手于某事。例如:Don’t interfere in other people’s problems. interfere with妨碍,阻碍,意味着干扰某事的正常进行。例如:The noise of traffic interfered with my sleep.



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